Neuro – Rehabilitation

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center continually strives to be the local and regional leader in the fields of specialized post-acute and long term rehabilitation care.
We focus on treatment for individuals suffering from neurological conditions that have a potential to result in temporary or permanent disabilities. Our specialized interdisciplinary rehabilitation team works with patients in a purposefully structured environment that facilitates a decrease in the impact of impairment.
Our experienced and professionally trained physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists as well as our speech and language pathologists provide holistic rehabilitation programs that are individually tailored to the needs of every patient. We work closely with families, loved ones and communities in order to support individuals with disabilities to the point of full achievable potential and maximum community reintegration.
Our patient-centric care model ensures that every patient is cared for in a highly personalized manner that is tailored to their clinical and personal needs. Our services are designed to be highly comprehensive and delivered in a socially and culturally adjusted environment that boasts progress, hope and revitalization.

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center’s comprehensive specialized rehabilitation services include:

We provide Symptom Specific management of:

• Spasticity
• Neuropathic pain
• Cognitive impairment
• Swallowing impairment
• Communication and speech impairment
• Movement Impairment

And specialized management for the effect of:

• Post critical illness
• Other debilitating or degenerative neurological conditions

Some Conditions:

• Stroke
• Traumatic and non-traumatic Brain Injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Guillian Barre Syndrome
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Muscular Dystrophies
• Neuropathies
• Nerve injuries

Providing Hope

The Transitional Vent Weaning (TVU) Program is an innovative, new clinical program, the first of its kind in the UAE, developed specifically to provide real hope to patients who are dependent on mechanical ventilation as a result of an injury or critical illness. Hospital intensive care units are designed to provide care for acutely ill patients.

However, after patients have become stable following the necessary clinical interventions, patients do best within environments and care centers specifically designed to care for longer term patients. Our goal at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is to reunite patients and families back in their homes and communities, once again enjoying a meaningful quality of life. Cambridge Medical provides hope to patients whom otherwise languish, day after day, in the intensive care bed lacking the consistent, daily rehabilitation needed to help patients become, over time, independent of the mechanical ventilator.

Clinical Concept:

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, the premier provider of long term care and postacute rehabilitation, with huge experience and large number of success stories has partnered with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate, to provide a clinical program to admit patients into our into our Translational Vent Unit who are deemed medically stable but require protracted and customized medical care specifically designed to slowly wean patients off mechanical ventilation.
An individualized, bespoke, weaning protocol is designed by our Consultant Intensivists who work in collaboration with our medical and rehabilitation physicians, as well as our entire multidisciplinary team to develop appropriate therapies. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathologists and respiratory therapy are all necessary to facilitate. improved strength, conditioning and alertness for our patients.
We provide 24/7 expert, in-house physician coverage combined with skilled and experienced ICU nurses.
In addition, we have, on staff, consultant neonatologists and pediatricians who help care for our pediatric patients.

Basic Admission Criteria:

Patient will be admitted to the TVU if they meet the admission criteria:

• Adult Patients and Pediatric Patients weighing more than 5 Kg
• All patients must be ventilated via established, functional, tracheostomy tubes
• All patients must undergo a ventilator trial with a Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation ventilator prior to admission
• Patients with a reasonable probability of being successfully weaned from mechanical ventilation in approximately 12 months. As Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is focused on returning patients to health and productive lives within their communities we do not accept patient who would otherwise have no plausible chance of successfully wean off mechanical ventilation (e.g. high spinal cord injury, ventilated patients with chronic respiratory failure, patient with progressive debilitating neuromuscular diseases, etc…)
• Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is an expert in Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Long Term Care with a mission to successfully reunite patients with their families back to their homes and communities. More than 50% of our patients are discharged to home in less than 150 days.
• Similarly, we have developed a very success multidisciplinary team approach to patient care whereby intensivists, physiatrists, and allied healthcare professionals work together to develop, monitor and adjust individual care plans pursuant to the clinical needs of our patients
• Patients and families are at the center of our clinical care. Patient and families are included in the multidisciplinary team meetings whereby our clinical experts provide real time updates related to the progress of the patient. Similarly, we value the input of patients and families incorporating their desired and expected clinical outcomes into our individualized weaning protocols
• Clinical communication is crucial for the ongoing care of our patients. Cambridge Medical clinicians provide direct feedback to referring physicians as well as subspecialist physicians to support their continuity of care. Often, these patients will return to outpatient polyclinics for intermittent subspecialty care. Thus, timely, concise and accurate clinical information is crucial to enhance the continuity of care.

As the only specialized inpatient pediatric rehabilitation program in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, we offer multidisciplinary rehabilitation services with resources to serve the needs of patients to reach their potential in development
Our physicians understand how cognitive and physical disabilities affect growth and development. They incorporate this knowledge to design individualized treatment programs specifically tailored to each patient and his/her family.
Our pediatric rehabilitation team’s main objective is to restore or improve function and maximize quality of life. The interdisciplinary team including physicians and therapists works to provide continuity of care as patients reintegrate successfully to home, school and their community.
Our fully equipped paediatrics gym, hydrotherapy and sensory room provide the perfect environment for your child’s rehabilitation whether he/she is admitted as inpatient or is visiting our outpatient clinics.
Our Outpatient services provide the perfect support for patients returning home following inpatient stays, or those who have received primary treatment elsewhere.

Paediatric Rehabilitation Programs Condition specific:

• Cerebral Palsy
• Brain Injury (traumatic, hypoxic, non-traumatic)
• Delayed development
• Down’s and other chromosomal syndromes
• Prematurity support
• Failure to Thrive
• Musculoskeletal injuries/deformities – Congenital conditions (e.g spinal bifida)

And specialized services include the management of:

• Spasticity and Gait abnormalities
• Speech and language impairment
• Feeding and swallowing difficulties
• Behavioral issues
• Movement impairment
• Development delay
• Sensory processing disorder

Back pain, neck pain, sports injury’s. All of these can slow you down affecting how you work and play.
Our highly experienced physicians and therapists are on hand to provide the compressive assessment and treatment program you require to reduce pain, improve mobility, re-educate posture and movement and carry on with life. For patients requiring orthopaedic surgery, we offer ‘pre-hab’ consisting of pre surgery strengthening, conditioning and education, to reduce down time post surgery. Post operatively, we liaise with your Orthopaedic surgeon and implement gold standard rehabilitation protocols, to maximize your recovery, whatever your functional goals.

• Movement and posture re-education
• Pain management
• Joint mobilization
• Joint manipulation
• Functional Retraining

• Electro-therapies
• Dry Needling
• Kinesiotaping
• Hydrotherapy

Our therapists are specially trained to make bespoke static and dynamic splints for patients who require these post injury or surgery.
A combination of manual therapy, heat or cold therapy, splinting and targeted mobilisations and strengthening exercises all help to rehabilitate the wrist and hand, maximising function and minimising pain.

Provision of customized static and dynamic splinting allowing movement according to surgical protocol to:

  • Prevent disruption of surgical site due to undesired movement
  • Limit disability post injury and surgery due to prolonged
  • immobilization
  • Allow early active movements to reduce adhesions and swelling


Therapeutic interventions including, bespoke graded exercise programs, manual therapy, electrotherapy and heat modality application, massage and occupational/functional re-training.
Our PMR physicians provide assessment and treatment with corticosteroid injections for joint and soft tissue pathology and are adept at chronic pain management.

Typical service users:

  • Post-surgical repair of tendon lacerations
  • Post-surgical fracture repair
  • Post fracture management (conservative)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis/tendinopathies
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

With the opening of our new Outpatient clinics in both facilities, we take a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. Our therapists and speech language pathologists work hand-in-hand with our physicians to develop a comprehensive recovery roadmap for each patient in our care. Our outpatient rehabilitation services include:

Adult and Paediatrics therapies:

• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Hand Therapy
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Hydrotherapy

[Outpatient clinics2]

We use our hands all day everyday and when they are not functioning 100%, it can be really debilitating, affecting the ability to write, type and perform self care tasks. Pain, swelling, weakness and restricted movement post injury or surgery or due to chronic conditions such as Osteoarthritis can all be helped by specific and targeted therapy.

Our therapists are specially trained to make bespoke static and dynamic splints for patients who require these post injury or surgery. A combination of manual therapy, heat or cold therapy, splinting and targeted mobilisations and strengthening exercises all help to rehabilitate the wrist and hand, maximising function and minimising pain.

  • Release Pain
  • Increase Movement
  • Improve Function
  • Promote Healing